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Our History

APN has been providing bespoke services to everyone, from your local chip shop to multi-national corporations for over 20 years. Founded in 1992, APN has grown to become a market leader in the telecommunications industry.

Our Partners


imgAll Points North Telecoms have been in partnership with Kcom since 1997, as our sole UK number provider. Joining us in our journey to grow the business and develop into new areas. Having run over 100 million minutes through them in the last 5 years alone we have developed great relationships with key members. Uniquely, we have our own team dedicated in providing us with all of the tools and information we require in order to continue growing our business, from detailed daily stats to some of the best outpayment rates available.



imgThe premium rate messaging industry is an extremely competitive market and to ensure we stay on top of our game we make sure we secure the best outpayment rates possible. For this reason in 2013 we moved our SMS traffic to Oxygen8. They have a great team of people with an extensive knowledge of the premium rate messaging industry in both the UK and internationally.



imgC3 are market leaders in the provision of computer telephony platforms and work directly with All Points North Telecoms to provide a virtual call centre for their services. A great platform is an integral part of the telecoms industry and we have just that. Working with a company like C3 we are constantly looking to tweak our systems to move with any industry changes, ensuring the customer has the best possible telephony experience.


Broadcast Systems

imgIt is essential in any business to keep costs down. No one likes to pay over the odds and that includes All Points North Telecoms. By sending over 400,000 messages costs soon add up, and for this reason we are constantly scouring the market for not only the cheapest, but the most reliable solution and in doing so we discovered Broadcast Systems. We moved our bulk messaging to them in April 2014 and find them to be the best in their field.


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