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Bespoke Services

We provide chat and date services in many areas including gay chat, and straight chat. Your chatlines can be branded as you would like them and they are monitored 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We have hundreds of UK callers on the lines everyday producing great average call lengths.
Our SMS chat and date service is one of the leading in the industry. It has been running now since 2004. We are constantly adapting and adding additional features to ensure that we remain one of the best SMS chat and date providers. We invest £200,000 per year to monitor the text platform and indoing so are proud to say that we have never had any adjudications. Whether you already in the industry and have your own shortcode or are brand new we can cater for you. Our fully trained and time-tested call centre gain great average spends from users, utilising every lead you gain.
Breaking into the industry in 2012 with industry specialists in our team, we have managed to gain some great clients. In early 2014 we started to work with the renowned Sally Morgan. We have our very own team of high quality experienced and gifted psychics who handle our calls. Whether you have your own psychic team and would like to use our platform or you currently use another psychic provider but are looking for something new, we can help you.
Our psychic SMS team have excellent response rates and the experience to provide an honest psychic response that encourages the customer to use the service again. The use of our text console enables us to achieve fantastic results from leads to customer. We also have an in-built marketing feature that enables us to send promotional messages if required by the client.
Horoscopes remain very popular and can provide a great source of revenue through weekly audio, daily stars delivered to mobile and a range of email readings and reports. Justin Toper, formerly the astrologer in The Sun and The Mirror is our headline astrologer.
We have a platform that can handle all recorded content. Whether you advertise adult content on premium rate numbers or simply require a voicemail system we can help you.
If you run a busy company and there are too many calls coming in for you to handle then why not utilse our call centre who are available 365 days a year. With unique identifiers so we know where the call is coming from, your customers are sure to be comfortable that they have reached the correct person. Either taking messages or routing calls to other numbers we can make sure each call turns into a lead.
Here at All Points North Telecoms we provide systems that can handle call and sms competitions and voting. Whether it is a simple recorded voting system, one that requires the customer to leave a voicemail or a sophistiated sms system that handles inbound and outbound messages to and from the customer we can help you.
We are keen to play an important role in helping our clients develop their business. We have the knowledge and experience to guide and advise you in both print and on-line marketing, so that you are always bringing in new customers to increase and expand your business.