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Telephone Numbers

Local numbers (UK regional) supplied by All Points North Telecoms are normal telephone numbers that are be setup just like any other number using a service. To anyone is the same area code they appear to be just local phone numbers. You can use your local number to route calls to another telephone number you choose. This could be another UK landline, a mobile or an international number. Alternatively you could just use it to take messages with the Answer phone service, or play an announcement with the Information Line service. 0800 and 0808 numbers are well-known UK number ranges that are free for your customers to call. All Points North Telecoms is a well-established number provider and we can help you find the prefect number for your business.
Premium rate telephone numbers are an excellent revenue stream for businesses of all sizes. You may already use premium rate services or you may be looking at this as a new venture, whichever the case our team will be happy to work with you. Many of our services are ready to go, so you could be earning revenue in a matter of days. Typically premium rate numbers are used for psychic services, chat services, competitions and voting, but there is a whole host of services they can be used for.
All Points North Telecoms can provide your business with an international number that can give you an instant presence across the globe. Our international numbers will make you look local to any particular country, but will allow you to take calls anywhere in the world. If you already have products or services in the UK and would like to take them abroad we can help you do just that.
Voice Short Codes are five-digit numbers which support both SMS and inbound calls. Voice Short Codes offer consistent and transparent pricing across all UK mobile networks. Voice Short Codes also offer consumers the chance to communicate with your company through SMS, MMS and voice. Alternative phone numbers can be off-putting to consumers, especially those calling from a mobile phone.